Why Choose Number 1 Recruiters? Our focus is on you the employer, making sure you are provided with the best possible staff, resources, & customer service! So why choose Number 1 Recruiters? We could go on and tell you how we have built a reputation for providing staffing solutions that companies can rely on to make their business more efficient and cost-effective, and profitable, but that is what everyone says about their staffing business. The truth is, we have been in your shoes, we know the difficulties of finding, qualifying and retaining exceptional personnel. That is why we strive to make sure we qualify personnel that aligns with your company culture. 

It’s true that selecting the right vendor can be tough. There are hundreds of choices from global staffing giants to tiny independent firms like us. We want to make sure that your company is offered the best opportunity to focus on the staffing needs of your organization. We look forward to servicing your future needs!

Good people are hard to find. On average, a company spends up to $6,500 on recruitment of a new hire – in addition to the time spent on assessments, interviewing and orientation. N1R can save you that time – and saved time means money earned. Experience how the right employees in the right positions can ensure your company’s success. We make it our mission at Number 1 Recruiters to work tirelessly on your behalf to find them.

With our thorough screening process, we provide the best employees out there. No matter your challenge, we will meet your needs.


Number 1 Recruiters will fill your order with associates who have completed our precise and thorough selection process including: 

  • Comprehensive Risk Management Screening
  • 100% E-Verify Compliance
  • Background Checks
  • 100% Pre-Placement Drug Screening
  • One-on-One Behavior based interview
  • New Employee and Safety Orientation