Remote Work, How to Prepare

Remote work is now coming a thing of the future. Due to the current pandemic, many companies are looking to allow certain employees the ability to work remotely. Are you prepared? Take a close look an make sure you have the basic requirements to be successful from home.

Tiger King, The Pandemic! (HR Guide)

Caught your attention huh? Many of you have recently seen the Netflix series The Tiger King. It was one of those shows where you just cant take your eyes off of it because you know this is going to end in a major train wreck. And some of you may be asking what this has […]

A Change is Coming, And Businesses Will Change Forever.

In wake of the global pandemic, companies are struggling to keep employees employed while only a select few are able to conduct business. Tens of Thousands are unemployed and wondering when they will be able to go back to their every day lives. Unfortunately, this will forever change the scope of how we conduct business from here on out. Here are some ideas to consider for your future.