Repeal Governors Emergency Powers

Government should never have the power to force people into doing something that threatens their individual medical freedom. It is time Americans stand up and understand that our rights don’t end where yours begins.  Our rights and our liberties are at stake. If you feel compelled to wear a mask or vaccinate to protect yourself, […]


Focus on the people around you, the people you encounter on a daily basis. Treat them with love, respect, and kindness, and watch the world change.

The Path Far Less Taken

Learning from our past mistakes can be humbling and rewarding. Although some employers tend to shift in a different direction, many of us realize it is time to bring in outside help to assist in certain key area. (Business Consultant)

Succession Planning Guide 2020

Does your business have a succession plan? Are you planning for the short-term or long-term goals of your organization? Are you prepared to handle the new millennial workforce? These few easy tips can help prepare by understanding how you will handle losing key personnel, will you promote from within or recruit externally. Does the training you provide ensure employees will develop the skills needed? So take a look, and leave some feedback.

Future of Retention 2020

Retaining employees can be difficult due to the current economic market. In this video i discuss ways to stay on top of the market trends, focus on employee engagement, and find new ways to attract and retain quality personnel.

What Now!

Many of you may be asking yourself what do I do now after being laif off, furloughed, or permanently displaced due to covid-19. Here are a few things to consider.