By now, many of you are watching the current state of affairs that has been playing out on every national news outlet and social media board. Minneapolis police situation involving recently deceased George Floyd, to the recent riots and protests going on across the country. It is hard for anyone to stay focused on a solution instead of the problem. We are all guilty of focusing on problems, whether in your home, business, or social settings. We all fall victim to what we see and hear from social media and national news, and post comments on FB or Twitter as if comments, memes, videos, gifs, or posts are actually going to solve the situation.

The truth is that we need to focus on each other. We need to embrace our family, friends, co-workers, the waiter or waitress at your favorite restaurant, or the barista who serves you your morning coffee. We need appreciate the people we encounter every day regardless of who they are, their background, race, color, creed, religion, social status, etc. Treat them with love and kindness and watch as the ripple effect takes place to where they do they same for others. We should all love and respect each other because in the end we are all human beings and all one race, the human race. The word “Love” is repeated 310 times in the bible for a reason. And we all should love each other just as God loves us unconditionally.

When I was a child and would get into trouble, I would look at my mother and ask do you still love me? She would reply “I will always love you, I may not like you much at the moment”. But isn’t that exactly what we should do towards one another? We may not always agree on things, we may not like each other at times, but because you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, I will embrace you as my brother or sister.

John Coffey said “You cant hide whats in your heat,” and this is so true! But if we showed love and compassion towards one another, we can change the heart!


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