Recently I received an email from an employee with a large organization here in Louisiana. In the email, this individual discussed how the top tier of the organization was no longer interested in retaining skilled employees, but rather hiring multiple people at a lesser rate to accomplish the task of 1 skilled person. Unfortunately, some companies are not interested in the employee, only their bottom line. Owners, and key executives need to start focusing on the individual and their contributions. The path far less taken can be the one that catapults your business above the competition.

What amazes me the most is employers don’t relatively seek outside assistance when it comes to how to attract and retain quality personnel. No offense to the HR professionals and retention specialist, but there is great value in hiring a consultant to work with your team to develop a game plan geared to retention. There are multiple factors that candidates look at in determining their next career path. Is it safe to say that everyone in the hiring and retention office understand what elements to look for and how to excite candidates to work for your organization?

The true value of an employee is often not recognized until after they have left the organization. Far to many times I have heard from employers that they wish they would have done things different to keep certain key personnel. The regret is real, and happens way to often. Their are great consultants out there that can evaluate the company structure and key in on potential problem hazards that could cost you valuable resources. (People being the resource)

Many consultants can provide training to for various departments such as:

  • Communication
  • Personal Development
  • Employee Acquisition and Retention
  • Compensation and Benefits Trends
  • Etc.

Success of an organization is not given, it is earned. In order to be successful, an individual or an organization has to set them-self up to attain success. Everything requires preparation at some point, are you prepared?

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