What if I told you that the future of HR is going to change forever? What if organizations repurposed internal personnel without expanding certain departments? What if recruiting, benefits administration, human resources all became remote positions without ever having to go into the office. What if the hiring and onboarding process went completely virtual and limited the amount of physical contact had inside an organization? What if over time the structural institution of an organizational entity went completely remote, eliminating the need for a brick and mortar location? What if companies throughout multiple industries coordinated their efforts via video chat, webinars, teleconferencing, and so forth. What if companies reduced their physical footprint by only having essential hands on personnel in the field, while all non-essential personnel worked remotely?

Multiple companies across the globe are doing the exact same thing I am discussing here. Even new startup companies are focusing on a way to capitalize on social distancing and how we will conduct business with various vendors from here on out. For example, what if companies started making home delivery an essential part of their business to reduce social interaction? What if businesses started targeting employers by developing virtual interaction, eliminating the need for business development personnel? What if we woke up tomorrow and realized that every interaction from here on out is based on virtual social distancing?

Would all this be something each and everyone of us would be willing to accept as we move forward into the future? Are we ok with the type of changes that are going to be made that limit out interaction with the outside world? The question has been raised over the past few months since the outbreak of Covid-19. What will the future of school look like for children? Will we develop virtual schooling from kindergarten to high school? What does that mean for school sports? What if we no longer had tailgate parties or gathered in a tight arena for a sporting or concert event? Could we really be on the verge of something so monumental that it forever changes how we perceive group gatherings. I’ve been hearing churches talking about only doing things remotely via live stream without a congregation.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for change when it promotes a positive, but are we willing to give up our freedom for a sense of safety? Only time will tell, but at some point, we are going to have to either challenge to status quo or embrace the coming changes.

Food for thought!

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