Although a large percentage of employers have issued a hiring freeze amidst the current pandemic, some companies are still in the process of recruiting and hiring personnel, while likely going about it differently. From recruiting, interviewing, and the onboarding process, social distancing has impacted the way we approach this process.

Even though many companies have been utilizing virtual recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding for a few years now, others are just now starting to get on board with the process. Large scale companies are starting to reign in on the marketing process and looking to find local candidates first, then branching out if necessary. What is interesting is that social distancing has caused organizations to look at internal candidates as a means of re-purposing their position as many companies are still undergoing a hiring freeze.

The future of recruiting and hiring candidates starts with work at home recruiters conducting virtual interviews and onboarding personnel via live chat & virtual assistance. Social distancing can be used as a great tool for minimizing contact regardless of the situation, these efforts can prevent the spread of covid-19, flu, or the common cold. Implementing these new ways of recruiting will actually allow for more productivity and less down time by reducing the amount of contact had between individuals. In my previous role, many people would call out sick due to certain viruses going around like the flu, but with reduce contact, this could help mitigate the amount of exposure to contract viruses going around.

For many, this may not seem like an ideal situation, but there can be plenty of positives that can come out of this. Just recently I had a conversation with a local employer who has roughly 250+ employees within the company, and was considering utilizing work from home opportunities by having each employee log into their workflow software at their usual clock in time, and monitoring their work progress through Vision software.

Vision employee monitoring is a software that allows an organization to monitor and track each employees digital activity so that you will know if an employee is working hard or hardly working. My next post, we will dive deeper into various software that can be implemented in allowing certain personnel the ability to work from home while making sure they’re keeping their progression.

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