Caught your attention huh? Many of you have recently seen the Netflix series The Tiger King. It was one of those shows where you just cant take your eyes off of it because you know this is going to end in a major train wreck. And some of you may be asking what this has to do with the current pandemic, or human resources for that matter. Well allow me to break this down for you.

Joe Exotic in this case represents Human Resources, and how human resources has evolved over the past 40 years. Carol Baskin represents Covid-19, and how an infectious disease can destroy all the progress we have made in human resources. As Joe Exotic (HR) continuously tries to advance his profession through taming tigers (employees), cub petting (potential recruits), traveling shows (recruiting events), and so forth, along comes Carol Baskin (viral infection) seeking to destroy everything that has been created and the multitude of policy and procedures that have been implemented.

As HR professionals, when we start to feel threatened, or that all the strides we have made throughout the years are coming to a halt, we start to think outside the box. Like Joe Exotic, he started looking to bring in people that could propel his business and eliminate a potential threat from Carol Baskin. So what does Joe do? Enter Jeff Lowe, at first we think he may be the answer to his much needed prayers to get things back on track, but we soon see that all he allowed was another viral infection to infiltrate his kingdom and remove him entirely from it.

So the real question is, what can HR professionals do to mitigate drastic changes that are surely on the horizon amidst Covid-19? You must make wise decisions and not allow outside interference to dictate changes where they have no real experience in this field. Owners, CEO’s, Executives will look to make drastic changes in the near future, and having a plan in place could prevent a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Remember, don’t attempt to shoot yourself in the foot when tackling these viruses. Work on a plan that would appeal to the owners of the organization, and bring forth new ideas such as; remote operations for various staff, outsourcing ideas, new safety procedures and response actions.

The worst thing we can do as HR professionals is to wait for change orders. Start working on a plan now and stay ahead of the curve. We know its coming, just be prepared.

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